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Pinch trigger hand pump water gun with non-detachable tank

The invention is a toy water gun which is operated by selectively releasing water from a water reservoir that is pressurized with air.
ID: US5305919A


Digital distance measuring instrument

An apparatus for making distance measurements with a high degree of accuracy and a means for interpreting and displaying the results on a digital readout.
ID: US4143267A


Electrochemical Conversion System

A system that converts heat energy into electrical energy utilizing a hydrogen electrochemical cell.
ID: US20020064692A1

Patents held by Lonnie Johnson

TitleIdInventor/AuthorPub. DateGrant DateLinkAssigneePub. YearDate-Sort-2
Wet diaper detectorUS5266928ALonnie G. Johnson11/30/199311/30/1993See MoreJohnson Lonnie G199334303
Method of producing a thin film batteryUS6402796B1Lonnie G. Johnson6/11/20026/11/2002See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200237418
Thin lithium film batteryUS6517968B2Lonnie G. Johnson, Ji-Guang Zhang2/11/20032/11/2003See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200337663
Wet diaper detectorUS5838240ALonnie G. Johnson11/17/199811/17/1998See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199836116
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Wet diaper detectorUS5469145ALonnie Johnson11/21/199511/21/1995See MoreJohnson; Lonnie199535024
Automatic pressurized fluid gunUS6364162B1Lonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite, Jeffrey Shane Matthews4/2/20024/2/2002See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co.200237348
Pinch trigger pump water gunUS5074437ABruce M. D’Andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson12/24/199112/24/1991See MoreD’andrade Bruce M, Johnson Lonnie G199133596
Rechargeable battery power supply overcharge protection circuitUS5982144ALonnie G. Johnson, Yong Su11/9/199911/9/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936473
Thin film batteryUS6835493B2Ji-Guang Zhang, Steve Buckingham, Lonnie G. Johnson12/28/200412/28/2004See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200438349
Method for manufacturing a thin-film lithium battery by direct deposition of battery components on opposite sides of a current collectorUS6398824B1Lonnie G. Johnson6/4/20026/4/2002See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200237411
Pressurized air/water rocket and launcherUS5415153ALonnie G. Johnson, Bruce M. D’Andrade5/16/19955/16/1995See MoreJohnson; Lonnie G., D’andrade; Bruce M.199534835
Composite separator and electrodeUS6180281B1Daniel A. Schneider, Joseph P. Nestler, Shirley A. Craanen, Timothy J. Stachoviak, Lonnie G. Johnson1/30/20011/30/2001See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.200136921
Double tank pinch trigger pump water gunUS5150819ALonnie G. Johnson, Bruce M. D’Andrade9/29/19929/29/1992See MoreJohnson Lonnie G, D’andrade Bruce M199233876
Toy gun with magazineUS6408837B1Lonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite, Jeffrey Shane Matthews6/25/20026/25/2002See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co.200237432
Squirt gunUS4591071ALonnie G. Johnson5/27/19865/27/1986See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198631559
Method and apparatus for producing lithium based cathodesUS6511516B1Lonnie G. Johnson, Richard Breitkopf, John Baxley1/28/20031/28/2003See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.200337649
Electric pump toy water gunUS5586688ALonnie G. Johnson, John Applewhite12/24/199612/24/1996See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199635423
Electrochemical conversion systemUS6709778B2Lonnie G. Johnson3/23/20043/23/2004See MoreJohnson Electro Mechanical Systems, Llc200438069
Portable multimedia projection systemUS6966651B2Lonnie G. Johnson11/22/200511/22/2005See MoreJohnson Research And Development Co., Inc.200538678
Compressed air toy gunUS6220237B1Lonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite, Jeffrey Shane Matthews4/24/20014/24/2001See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.200137005
Flow actuated pulsatorUS4757946ALonnie G. Johnson7/19/19887/19/1988See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198832343
Toy water gunUS5878914ALonnie G. Johnson3/9/19993/9/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936228
Systems and methods for reducing noise in mixed-mode integrated circuitsUS6525976B1Lonnie G. Johnson2/25/20032/25/2003See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200337677
Digital distance measuring instrumentUS4143267ALonnie G. Johnson, John M. Lederer3/6/19793/6/1979See MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Lederer John M197928920
Multiple barrel compressed air gunUS5878734ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite, Jeffrey Shane Matthews3/9/19993/9/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936228
Launcher for a toy projectile or similar launchable objectUS5819717ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite10/13/199810/13/1998See MoreJohnson Research And Development Company, Inc.199836081
Compressed air gun with magazine indexerUS5592931ALonnie G. Johnson, John Applewhite1/14/19971/14/1997See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co, Inc.199735444
Thermionic generatorUS5541464ALonnie G. Johnson, Francis E. LeVert7/30/19967/30/1996See MoreJohnson; Lonnie G., Levert; Francis E.199635276
Toy rocket launcherUS6321737B1Lonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite, Jeffrey Shane Matthews11/27/200111/27/2001See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.200137222
Fluid powering and launching system for a toy vehicleUS5499940ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite3/19/19963/19/1996See MoreJohnson Research And Development Company, Inc.199635143
Lithium oxygen batteries and method of producing sameUS20050208353A1Lonnie Johnson9/22/2005N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G200538617
Systems and methods for producing multilayer thin film energy storage devicesUS20020110733A1Lonnie Johnson8/15/2002N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G.200237483
Rechargeable air battery and manufacturing methodUS20090053594A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Prabhakar A. Tamirisa, Ji-Guang Zhang2/26/2009N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Tamirisa Prabhakar A, Ji-Guang Zhang200939870
Low Cost Solid State Rechargeable Battery and Method of Manufacturing SameUS20090092903A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Steve Buckingham, Davorin Babic, David Johnson, Manuel Johnson4/9/2009N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Steve Buckingham, Davorin Babic, David Johnson, Manuel Johnson200939912
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Rapid fire compressed air toy gunUS5924413ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite7/20/19997/20/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936361
Oxygen battery systemUS20090239132A1Lonnie G. Johnson9/24/2009N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200940080
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Hair drying curler apparatusUS5299367ALonnie G. Johnson, Francis LeVert4/5/19944/5/1994See MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Levert Francis199434429
Electrochemical conversion systemUS6899967B2Lonnie G. Johnson5/31/20055/31/2005See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200538503
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Rapid fire compressed air gunUS5596978ALonnie G. Johnson, John Applewhite1/28/19971/28/1997See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co, Inc.199735458
Magnetic propulsion toy systemUS5974977ALonnie G. Johnson, Yong Su11/2/199911/2/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936466
Projectile launcherUS6679155B1Jeffery C. Yaschur, John T. Applewhite, Lonnie G. Johnson1/20/20041/20/2004See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.200438006
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Toy gun with fluid pulsatorUS6003503ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite12/21/199912/21/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936515
Lithium Oxygen Battery Having Enhanced Anode EnvironmentUS20100266901A1Lonnie G. Johnson10/21/2010N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc201040472
Solid state cryocoolerUS20060254286A1Lonnie Johnson, Carl Kirkconnell11/16/2006N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Kirkconnell Carl S200639037
Compressed air gun with single action pumpUS5701879ALonnie G. Johnson, John Applewhite12/30/199712/30/1997See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199735794
Toy water gunUS6540108B1Lonnie G. Johnson4/1/20034/1/2003See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.200337712
Toy gun with fluid pulsatorUS6000386ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite12/14/199912/14/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936508
Air pressure toy rocket launcherUS5538453ALonnie G. Johnson7/23/19967/23/1996See MoreJohnson; Lonnie G.199635269
Toy water gun with air siphoning valveUS5850941ALonnie G. Johnson, Shane Matthews12/22/199812/22/1998See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199836151
Electrochemical conversion systemUS20020064692A1Lonnie Johnson5/30/2002N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G.200237406
Compressed air toy gunUS5878735ALonnie G. Johnson3/9/19993/9/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936228
Hair drying curler apparatusUS5711324ALonnie G. Johnson, Francis E. LeVert, John Applewhite1/27/19981/27/1998See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.199835822
Fluid pulsator with accumulator for frequency controlUS5398873ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite3/21/19953/21/1995See MoreJohnson; Lonnie G., Applewhite; John T.199534779
Electrochemical cell with sintered cathode and both solid and liquid electrolyteUS20110223487A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Stephen Buckingham9/15/2011N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State Llc201140801
Method of manufacturing lithium batteryUS20090098281A1Ji-Guang Zhang, Lonnie G. Johnson, Steve Buckingham4/16/2009N/ASee MoreJi-Guang Zhang, Johnson Lonnie G, Steve Buckingham200939919
Apparatus for extracting plasticizerUS6223449B1Lonnie G. Johnson, John M. Baxley, Scott Shankle, Jeffrey Shane Matthews5/1/20015/1/2001See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.200137012
Gyroscopic figurineUS5957745ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite9/28/19999/28/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.199936431
Amorphous lithium lanthanum titanate thin films manufacturing methodUS20090004371A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Davorin Babic1/1/2009N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Davorin Babic200939814
Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparationWO2013130983A2Joykumar S. THOKCHOM, Davorin Babic, David Ketema JOHNSON, Lazbourne Alanzo ALLIE, Lonnie G. Johnson, William Rauch9/6/2013N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc201341523
Automatic sprinkler controlUS4253606ALonnie G. Johnson3/3/19813/3/1981See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198129648
Compressed air gun with temporary sealUS5913304ALonnie G. Johnson6/22/19996/22/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.199936333
Thermal energy accumulationUS4476693ALonnie G. Johnson10/16/198410/16/1984See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198430971
Smoke detecting timer controlled thermostatUS4211362ALonnie G. Johnson7/8/19807/8/1980See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198029410
Solid-State Battery ElectrodesUS20140099538A1Lonnie G. Johnson, David K. Johnson4/10/2014N/ASee MoreMicrosoft Corporation201441739
Vacuum actuated replenishing water gunUS5779100ALonnie G. Johnson7/14/19987/14/1998See MoreJohnson Research & Development Corp, Inc.199835990
Apparatus and method for extracting plasticizerUS6063899ALonnie Johnson, John M. Baxley, Timothy J. Stachoviak5/16/20005/16/2000See MoreJohnson Manufacturing Llc200036662
Johnson reversible engineUS7160639B2Lonnie G. Johnson, James R. Muller1/9/20071/9/2007See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.200739091
Lithium Oxygen Batteries Having a Carbon Cloth Current Collector and Method of Producing SameUS20120270115A1Lonnie G. Johnson10/25/2012N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc201241207
Amorphous ionically conductive metal oxides and sol gel method of preparationUS20120196189A1Davorin Babic, Lonnie G. Johnson, William RAUCH, David Ketema JOHNSON, Stanley Jones, Lazbourne Alanzo ALLIE, Adrian M. GRANT8/2/2012N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201241123
Electrochemical conversion systemUS6489049B1Lonnie G. Johnson12/3/200212/3/2002See MoreJohnson Electro Mechanical Systems, Llc200237593
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Water arrow projecting bowUS5332120ABruce M. D’Andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson7/26/19947/26/1994See MoreD’andrade Bruce M, Johnson Lonnie G199434541
Flying diskWO1998009698A1Lonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite3/12/1998N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G199835866
Electrochemical conversion systemUS6686076B2Lonnie G. Johnson2/3/20042/3/2004See MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc200438020
Johnson tube, a thermodynamic heat pumpUS4724683ALonnie G. Johnson2/16/19882/16/1988See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198832189
Toy rocket with velocity dependent chute releaseUS5549497ALonnie G. Johnson, John Applewhite8/27/19968/27/1996See MoreJohnson Research Development Company, Inc.199635304
Toy rocketUS5951354ALonnie G. Johnson9/14/19999/14/1999See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.199936417
Soil moisture potential determination by weight measurementUS4509361ALonnie G. Johnson4/9/19854/9/1985See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198531146
Combined aerodynamic glider and launcherUSD342551SBruce M. D’Andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson12/21/199312/21/1993See More199334324
Rechargeable lithium air battery having organosilicon-containing electrolyteUS20130130131A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Davorin Babic, Tedric D. Campbell, John Scott Flanagan5/23/2013N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201341417
Thin film ceramic proton conducting electrolyteUS20050238895A1Lonnie Johnson, Davorin Babic10/27/2005N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Davorin Babic200538652
Regenerative ion exchange fuel cellUS8568921B1Lonnie G. Johnson10/29/201310/29/2013See MoreExcellatron Solid State Llc201341576
Amorphous ionically-conductive metal oxides, method of preparation, and batteryUS20150180001A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Davorin Babic, Elena N. Krumenaker, Tedric D. Campbell, Kieran J. Claffey6/25/2015N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201542180
Electrochemical conversion system for energy managementUS7943250B1Lonnie G. Johnson, James R. Muller5/17/20115/17/2011See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.201140680
Electrochemical conversion system using hydrogen storage materialsWO2001078170A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Zhenhua Mao10/18/2001N/ASee MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.200137182
Lithium based anode with nano-composite structure and method of manufacturing suchUS20130230777A1Davorin Babic, Lonnie G. Johnson, William L. Rauch, Joykumar Thokchom9/5/2013N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201341522
System for detonating a percussion cap in a toy projectileUS5707270ALonnie G. Johnson, John T. Applewhite1/13/19981/13/1998See MoreJohnson; Lonnie G., Applewhite; John T.199835808
Hand pump water gun with remote water sourceWO1994000208A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Bruce M. D’andrade1/6/1994N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G, Andrade Bruce M D199434340
Linear-drive toy water gunUS20120097704A1Lonnie G. Johnson, John M. Baxley4/26/2012N/ASee MoreJohnson Research And Development Company, Inc.201241025
Johnson ambient-heat engineUS20120064419A1Lonnie G. Johnson3/15/2012N/ASee MoreJohnson Research And Development Company, Inc.201240983
Packaging for multiple chest wound seals for preventing pneumothoraxUS20120031793A1Michael J. Watson, JR., Mary C. Doughty, Lonnie R. Johnson2/9/2012N/ASee MoreNorth American Rescue, Llc201240948
Solid, lithium-salt-doped, thermoset polyimide polymer electrolyte and electrochemical cell employing sameUS20130011745A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Lazbourne A. Allie, James R. Muller1/10/2013N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State Llc201341284
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Fishing lureUSD769405S1Lonnie Johnson10/18/201610/18/2016See MoreLonnie Johnson201642661
Lithium oxygen batteries having a carbon cloth current collector and method of producing sameWO2013049460A1Lonnie G. Johnson4/4/2013N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, Llc201341368
Pressurized fluid driven toy vehicleWO1995001822A1Bruce M. D’andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson1/19/1995N/ASee MoreAndrade Bruce M D, Johnson Lonnie G199534718
Electrochemical cell having air cathode partially infused with carbon dioxideUS20120214075A1Lonnie G. Johnson, John S. Flanagan, Tedric D. Campbell8/23/2012N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State Llc201241144
Air pumpUS6099266ALonnie G. Johnson, Shane Matthews8/8/20008/8/2000See MoreJohnson Research & Development Company, Inc.200036746
Passivated thin film and method of producing sameUS7696089B1Lonnie G. Johnson, Davorin Babic4/13/20104/13/2010See MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.201040281
Variable resistance type sensor controlled switchUS4181843ALonnie G. Johnson1/1/19801/1/1980See MoreJohnson Lonnie G198029221
Double tank pinch trigger pump water gunCA2048569CBruce M. D’andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson1/5/19931/5/1993See MoreBruce M. D’andrade, Lonnie G. Johnson199333974
Thermo-electrochemical converterUS20170237105A1Lonnie G. Johnson8/17/2017N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201742964
Johnson lithium oxygen electrochemical engineUS20170214106A1Lonnie G. Johnson, Tedric D. Campbell7/27/2017N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201742943
Compressed gas storage systemUS20170097121A1Lonnie G. Johnson4/6/2017N/ASee MoreJohnson Research & Development Co., Inc.201742831
Systems and methods for reducing noise in mixed-mode integrated circuitsEP1357557A1Lonnie G. Johnson10/29/2003N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State, LLC200337923
Johnson ambient heat engineUS20180013178A1Lonnie G. Johnson1/11/2018N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201843111
Non-volatile cathodes for lithium oxygen batteries and method of producing sameUS20130084507A1Lonnie G. Johnson4/4/2013N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201341368
Lithium based anode with nano-composite structure and method of manufacturing suchUS20140220449A1Davorin Babic, Lonnie G Johnson, William L Rauch, Joykumar Thokchom8/7/2014N/ASee MoreJohnson Ip Holding, Llc201441858
Integrated circuit energy recovery and heat reductionUS20150295419A1Lonnie G. Johnson10/15/2015N/ASee MoreJohnson Research And Development Co., Inc.201542292
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Thermo-electrochemical converter with integrated energy storageEP3269001A1Lonnie G. Johnson1/17/2018N/ASee MoreJohnson IP Holding, LLC201843117
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Toy water gunWO1998029175A1Lonnie G. Johnson7/9/1998N/ASee MoreJohnson Lonnie G199835985
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Reinforced battery package with sealed anode chamberWO2016153992A1Lonnie G. Johnson9/29/2016N/ASee MoreJohnson Battery Technologies, Inc.201642642
Device and method for reducing noise of mixed mode integrated circuitJP2003317484ALonnie G Johnson, ジー ジョンソン ロニー11/7/2003N/ASee MoreExcellatron Solid State Llc, エクセラトロン ソリッド ステート, エルエルシー200337932

Dr. Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie Johnson is an American inventor and engineer, best known for inventing the Super Soaker water gun. He is the CEO and Founder at Johnson Reseach & Development and CEO of Johnson Battery Technology.


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